End of Season 2019/20

Trophy Results.

Awarded on the 2nd of April 2019.

Don Ingram award 

  • Belinda Sutton

Mayors cup 

  • Amayah Cross

Aggregate trophies

Girls under 9

  • Mikayla Miller 1st free 1st,breast 1st,back 1st,fly

  • Aarushi Athreya 1st individual medley r/u breast r/u back r/u fly   

  • Aeisha Poutu 1st distance r/u free, r/u breast

  • Mele Leota  r/u breast

  • Kendyl Harding r/u distance ,r/u individual medley

Girls 10+

  • Alexis Leota 1st free r/u breast 1st fly

  • Madison Stanford 1st breast,1st back,1stindividual medley ,r/u distance

  • Lorelei Eggers 1st distance r/u back,r/u fly, r/u individual medley

  • Indianna  Smith r/u free

Boys under 9

  • Manutai Tipine 1st free

  • Oscar Yarwood 1st breast,1st back,r/u distance r/u free

  • Ihaia Tipine r/u breast

  • Jimmy Bird  r/u back

  • Hayden Miller 1st fly,1st distance

  • Pacey O’toole r/u distance  r/u fly

Boys 10+                                                         

  • Axel bird r/u breast

  • Takai Hola 1st breast r/u back

  • Ashton Redhead  r/u breast

  • Arpith Athreya 1st back1st free,1st breast,1st fly

  • Gabe O’toole 1st distance, 1st individual medley r/u fly

Points Champion

Boys 10+ 

  • Arpith Athreya

Boys under 9 

  • Hayden miller

Girls 10+

  • Madison Stanford

Girls under 9 

  • Aarushi Athreya


Congratulations to all winners.

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