02-12-20 - Last night of the year

Hi team. Just a quick update. Next week (8th of Dec) will be the last swim night for the year. We will be commencing again 2nd week back from school, due to a public holiday in the first week. Please review the season calendar link on the website for more info.

​We will be actively promoting the club during the break, and will be asking anyone who wants to join for a mid-season price of $55 can do so, so spread the word to anyone who is interested to simply complete the sign up form, and we can get in touch.​

We are also preparing canteen vouchers for families who have already paid full fees prior to the issues we had with the pool at the start of the season. These should be ready for start on term 1.

The results from last night (sorry for the delay) have also been published on our website. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

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