09-11-20 - Night Cancelled

Hi team. We're not having a great start to the season this year. We just got the below notice from the College administration:


Parts have arrived and the Contractor is expected to commence repairs today. Repairs are expected to take 3 days to complete. The pool's chemical dosing and filtration system will be non-operational whilst this work takes place. Once the repairs are completed it will take 2 days to get the water quality back into balance and the pool water clean. During this time it is not safe to swim and the pool is not able to be used. Thank you for your patience whilst we complete these urgent repairs. Parents will be notified today.


As the pool will be out of action for most of this week, we will have no choice but to cancel tomorrow nights (10/11/20) swim event. It sounds like once the repairs are in, things should run as schedule from there forth.

We do apologise for this, once again. If you can share this with other attendees that would be great. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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