Did you miss sign on day?

Its not too late to sign up. First swim night is Tuesday October 5th kicking off at 6:30pm sharp. If you haven't signed up yet, you will need to come down and register no later than 5:30pm. The first night can be a free trial if your child is unsure as to whether swimming is something they are interested in, and payment will need to be made before the 2nd Tuesday of term 4.

Things to know:

  • If you haven't signed up yet, either planning to, or planning to come for a trial night, we'd love if you could complete the registration form and email it to in advance so we can have your child loaded into the heat event system ready to go.

  • During the pandemic its mandatory that all families check-in using the QLD COVID-19 App QR code, which we have posters at the gate and around the pool. Masks are mandatory if you cannot maintain a 1.5m distance between other patrons.

  • If your child is a first time swimmer its important to ensure they bring a swim cap to wear. This is mandatory by owners of the pool. If you don't have a cap, we do sell them at the canteen.

  • Swim googles are optional, but we do suggest it, especially coming out of school holidays the pool can sometimes contain a bit more than normal chemicals.

  • Nominations is something every swimmer needs to complete no later than 6:15pm on the Tuesday at the nomination stand. Late nominations run the risk of not being able to swim on the night. Hint: Nominations can be lodged in advanced on our website.

  • Bring at least 2 x towels per child. The kids are constantly in and out of the water with each event, and especially the start of term 4 and end of term 1 the night tair can be a little brisk. Having a couple of spare dry towels means a world of difference.

  • Club committee members generally will be there just before 5:00pm, and will prepare the pool for the kids racing. Once the lane ropes are connected, and there is enough committee members on site, the kids are welcome to jump into the pool and practice there strokes, diving or just have fun with the other kids. At around 6:20pm they will need to exit the pool in preparation for heat events.

  • All kids swim times are uploaded to this website within 24hrs after the event. The back page of your swim club booklet contains a table you can use to manually write in and keep track of your childs times during the course of the season. Additional booklets can be downloaded from the website or are available at the canteen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to review our frequently asked questions page and if that doesn't help, reach out to us via our facebook page, instagram page or via email at

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