Club Night Agenda


Swimmers take part in timed races between 10m 
(beginners) through to 25m, 50m and longer. Swimmers have a choice of what strokes they wish to swim, with the aim of improving their own times, with the focus being on personal achievement and not being the best swimmer in the age group.


On arrival between 5:30-6:15pm students/parents are to select there choices of swimming events they'd like to participate in that night. Each child's swim is timed and the results are collected for the student/parents view.

Club Night Event List

  1. 25m Butterfly

  2. 25m Backstroke

  3. 25m Breaststroke 

  4. 25m Freestyle 

  5. 25m Butterfly 

  6. 25m Backstroke 

  7. 25m Breaststroke 

  8. 25m Freestyle 

  9. 50m Butterfly (must qualify under 27sec 25m)

  10. 50m Backstroke (must qualify under 28sec 25m)

  11. 50m Breaststroke (must qualify under 31sec 25m)

  12. 50m Freestyle (must qualify under 24sec 25m)

  13. 100m Distance

  14. 100m Medley

  15. 200m Distance (must qualify under 100sec 100m)

  16. 200m Medley (must qualify under 100sec 100m)