23-02-21 - Join the Swim Club Committee

The Swim Club plays a major role in fundraising for the school and is an important part of our community. But to continue, we need your help. We need active bodies to fill positions on our subcommittee – this means both office-bearers (Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and anyone interested in being a member to help shape the club going forward. Lorraine Eggers and I (Brad Aldcroft) will be expressing interest in continuing on as office-bearers but we need more help. If you might be interested, or want to know more, I’ll be hosting an online meeting on 10th of March at 7:30pm via Microsoft Teams to answer any questions you may have (invite attached). OR feel free to email us at !!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day, the club is made great by families such as yours. It’s families we need to help continuing make the club great and plan for the 2021/22 season. Please consider putting your hand up to help.

Some goals for the club: • Grow the active swimmers to exceed 100 within the next 3 years. • Have a bigger swim club committee and volunteer group that are actively involved for the direction of the club. • Deploy self-managed weekend and afterschool learn-to-swim programs and stroke correction training. • Bring back Club-to-Club competitions within the region. • Upgrade and maintenance of swim assets. • Seek sponsorship opportunities (for shirts, togs & caps).

With your support, as a member of the subcommittee and/or Office-Bearer, I’m sure these goals are achievable.

Meeting Calendar Invite:

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