Top questions asked by parents at our opening night, and the answers.

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Our opening night for the 2018/19 swim season was last night, and we had a lot of new parents and new kids which was fantastic. We got a lot questions asked to us by parents and we thought we’d compile the top ones in a list below, and include our answers to those questions.

What time does the Tuesday club night finish?

Typically a club night will finish between 7:30-8:00pm. We understand it’s a school night, so we do our best to get all the kids through all the nominated events as soon as possible.

My child can’t swim the length of the pool, should they join?

Absolutely. We have different length categories, one of which is 12.5m (half pool). If that may be a struggle (and they wouldn’t be alone) we’d place them on one of the far lanes so that they have something to grab hold of if they get tired halfway through.

Is is it possible for parents to get in the pool to assist there kids if swim the events?

We try to avoid it where possible, but can probably make an exception if required.

Do you offer learn to swim or swim training within the club?

We don't directly, but indirectly we work with Bayside Swim School who does Learn to Swim and Squad Training classes after school. Please reach out to Rachel for more information at

What time does club nights start?

Officially the stroke events kick off at 6:30pm, however we open the gates at 6:00pm to allow the kids to have a quick swim beforehand, as well as have enough time to lodge there nominations before events start.

What are nominations?

Nominations are the form all swimmers need to fill in at the start of each club night, which allows them to choose which swim stroke and length they want to compete in for that night.

What strokes are on the nomination?

Freestyle (12.5m, 25m, 50m)

Backstroke (12.5m, 25m, 50m)

Butterfly (12.5m, 25m, 50m)

Breaststroke (12.5m, 25m, 50m)

What exactly happens on the average club night?

Upon arrival, the kids either jump straight into the pool and have a bit of fun with the other kids, and/or they help there parents complete their nomination form.

Once it hits 6:30pm, kids are asked to hop out of the pool, and the nomination groups are called up one by one to get ready to race.

At this point volunteers and club organisers are ready and waiting with timers in each lane, to record each swimmers times for the night.

What does BSA stand for?

This one was on the sign up form, and was asked by pretty much every parent. It stands for Brisbane Swimming Association and is required for much higher level competitive swimming.

Does my child need to wear a swimming cap or googles?

Swim caps and googles can be purchased from the Merchandise stand, and caps and googles are compulsory to be worn in the pool at all times.

When and how do I pay?

We accept cash payment or bank transfer (EFT).

If we missed the swim opening night, can we come take a look another night to see if my kids are interested before we commit?

Of course. We recommend you feel 100% comfortable with the club, and suggest coming down the next club night and checking it out before you commit.

Got any other questions?

If you have any further questions that we might have missed on here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, or leave a comments in box below.

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