We need a Treasurer. Interested?

We are currently after a volunteer Treasurer for our little swim club, and putting the feelers out to see if there is anyone in the club (or out of the club) who'd be interested to find out more about the role.

Skills required

You should be numerate and reasonably organised, with an ability to attend to detail. Inter-personal skills are crucial. You don't need to be a book keeper, accountant or have prior experience. However being sufficiently numerated and organised to do these roles will help.

Role Description

  1. Subject matter expert: be informed about the financial position of the club.

  2. Financial operations:

  • Promptly depositing and recording all monies received (Square for cash and credit card, and direct money transfers).

  • Arranging and recording all payments

  • Maintaining an up-to-date and accurate record of all transactions

  • Be a signatory on club bank account(s) with at least one other person

  • Be responsible for petty cash

  • Issue invoices if required and chase outstanding monies

3. Financial Reporting: prepare and present financial statements to the Capalaba State College P&C committee and for the annual report.

4. Financial Planning: help the swim club committee prepare budgets for the forthcoming year.

5. Financial Compliance:

  • Prepare annual accounts for auditing and provide auditor with information as required

Key relationships

  • Swim Club Chair - Stuart Greenway

  • Swim Club Vice Chair - Lorraine Eggers

  • Swim Club Secretary - Brad Aldcroft

  • Capalaba P&C President - Cassandra Aldcroft

  • Capalaba P&C Vice President - Desma Hsu

  • Capalaba P&C Treasurer - Michelle Martin


This may all sound a little scary, however we have a good team of people that are willing to help where required. We would consider 2-3 evenings a month for maybe an hour each would be required to fulfill this role, as well as a monthly swim club committee meeting once a month, and a optional P&C meeting once a month.

If you are interested, please reach out to the swim club secretary Brad Aldcroft at to find out more.

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